Our Policy

All information relating to claims received in our office or information concerning debtors either transmitted to us or uncovered by us during the collection process remains strictly confidential.  Our company assures our clients that we maintain procedures and practices in order to keep all account and payment information private and confidential.

We have posted an online transmittal form on our website.  If a client fills in the “creditor information” section once, they need only supply the specific “debtor information” for each account transmitted.  Along with the account we appreciate either the invoices supporting the balance outstanding or a statement of account, credit application, if one is present, personal guaranties if the client has them, and any other information concerning the debtor’s business, bank accounts, etc.  The more information the client can provide us with, results in less time we will spend investigating and more time we can spend collecting!

The Law Office of Frank J. Maier & Associates is a debt collection law firm focused on assisting our clients in the recovery of bad debt throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

For more information about our collection processes and procedures, please feel free to visit our Procedure tab or contact our office administrator Alex N. Abdow.