We Serve [town], Massachusetts

Your accounts receivable, next to sales, is the most important aspect of your business. At the Law Offices of Maier & Associates, we can help you collect your receivables – and we have over 35 years of experience doing just that!

We offer legal collection services for [town], Massachusetts: Capable of forwarding out of state claims through our nationwide attorney network

We are a law firm that concentrates in commercial, retail and medical collections and offering the clout of a law firm capable of instituting suit at a moment’s notice, securing your receivables with attachments and liens to the extent allowed by law;

We have a staff of experienced paralegals and collection personnel whose only job is calling debtors, dunning debtors, locating assets of debtors… and of course, experienced Collection Attorneys;

We are a firm with a powerful, fully integrated computerized collection system capable of suing, dunning, accounting and reporting to our clients regarding their collection accounts in an efficient and timely manner. We are capable of building templates for each client in order to receive claims electronically.

We are a firm that will consult with you and customize a program to fit your needs and desires, i.e. do you want to sue on all accounts? Only some? When? Differentiate based on the size ($) of the debt? Try to collect without suit and then review options? A system that represents your best interests, and

Combining the strength of a law firm with the tenacity and persistence of a collection agency!